Monday, 23 January 2012

Lovers in a Car Park

I found this rather beautiful image a while ago and thought it would make a nice painting, so I emailed the photographer to ask for her permission to use it. She didn't reply, so I used it anyway and produced the worst watercolour imaginable. I was sad, but moved on.

Then, about four months later, she replied and said it would be fine for me to use it as long as I sent her a copy of my finished effort. Not wanting her to think I was the worst artist in the world - because I still care about the opinions of people who take four months to respond to an email - I decided to have another go, this time as a digital painting. My tendency to realism is irritating to me, but I'm nonetheless pleased with the result.

I haven't sent it to the photographer yet, but may do so in May. She called the original photograph 'Lovers in Japan', but having discovered that this is the title of a song by the inept beat combo Coldplay, I have renamed it 'Lovers in a Car Park'.


Ben said...

Housemate from other side of room: who's the kissing couple you're looking at?
Me: Well..(I read her the blog post)
Housemate: What's a digital painting?
Me: I think it's drawn on a computer with one of them tablet things.

Anyway, well done - however it's made. I like it. It's easily good enough to be a still from a game like Heavy Rain, or one of the Final Fantasy series. (I'm not much of a gamer, Heavy Rain is a couple of years old).
Could you take that, make it 3d, put it into something like Blender, and make an animated series about the lives of this couple?

Oh...and how come she isn't wearing a watch anymore?

Graham said...

Yes, it's drawn with one of them tablet things and no, I couldn't do that. But if I did I suspect that she'd whisper that he hadn't got a chance before kneeing him in the balls. That's my vision of romance.

The watch drew attention from their faces; I think the picture has a timeless quality now.

Ariane said...

Agree about the watch. Very touching image -- love the way the hair hangs down so naturally. If I would change one thing, it would be for his eyes to be half-closed as in the photo.

Steve Paul said...

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