Thursday, 30 July 2009

This is New Trash Radio

Oh dear. He's done it again. Why must he tinker so?

It's okay. I think I've settled now. There are a couple of reasons why I decided to start again (again). The chief of these is that I am now officially a New Man. Not in the sense of wearing pink shirts and waxing my chest, but in my general outlook and specifically the way in which I think of myself. It was pointed out to me that in my former blog I was getting increasingly self-deprecating to the point of enormous tedium. This will no longer happen because, all things considered, I've realised that I'm not so bad. And if you're reading this you probably agree with that to some extent and so there's no need for any gratuitous negativity. I thought it might be hard to adopt this new outlook but in fact it has been effortless, which just makes me wonder why I resisted it for so long.

The other reason for starting again is that the old blog was rubbish. Before you raise your hand, that's not needless self-deprecation - it's just a fact. I had no inclination to update it because it looked so bad, but I think you'll agree that this is a great improvement. I might even risk blowing my own brass instrument by saying that it kicks arse. Modifying Blogger templates isn't easy or enjoyable, but it's worth the effort.

Finally you may be wondering why it's called New Trash Radio. Will it primarily contain posts about trashy radio? Or trash and radio? No and no, but you shouldn't let relevance get in the way of a good title. Especially when it took three days to come up with it. That said, with its more welcoming appearance, I hope that I will feel inclined to improve the frequency of my updates. (Frequency. Geddit?)

Don't touch that dial!