Monday, 9 January 2012

Let The Right One In

After bashing poor old David Hockney I must redress the balance by being positive about something.

I wouldn't normally bother commenting on a film that's almost three years old, but on Sunday I saw Let The Right One In for the first time and I thought it was remarkable. It defies categorisation more than any other film I can think of - to call it a horror film or a vampire film would be to sell it desperately short. Every cliché in the book is avoided and the result is startling.

I'm not going to review it though. All I really want to acknowledge is the brilliance of the swimming pool scene at the end; it's possibly the greatest thing I've ever seen in a film. You can find it on YouTube but if you haven't seen the film I'd advise against watching it out of context. Just rent it. What happens is horrifically brutal and yet it's shot in such a way as to be beautiful and touching. Talent borrows, genius steals.


Hadleigh said...

It really is a brilliant film. It manages to get under your skin, relying on ideas and suggestion to disturb rather than bombast, like traditional horror films. I found the very final scene, on the train, to be the most disturbing the more I thought about it. The child-like joy of the scene is under pinned that the boys fate is sealed. It is a classic film.

Graham said...

Rightly or wrongly I've added the American remake 'Let Me In' to my LoveFilm list. I've heard it's pretty good as remakes go but of course I'm not expecting it to touch the original. I do rate Chloë Moretz though.

Hadleigh said...

Yes, it's worth a look, it's more a straight-forward horror than the Swedish version; it does suffer in comparison, but any film would when the original is so great.